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Thomas Allmond

Thomas Allmond


Tom Allmond is an attorney at Zinzow Law. Tom spent his formative years in the historic pre-civil war small town of Forsythe, Georgia, surrounded by beautiful antebellum architecture and farm fields—a town whose pastimes include hunting, fishing, church, sweet tea, and southern charm. When not at home, Tom could be found traveling the highways of America in his cowboy boots and shiny belt buckle as a co-passenger of his PawPaw’s Big Rig, delivering the commodities that keep America alive; it was in this Big Rig, besides his PawPaw, that he always found an American Flag, and it was on the roads of America where Tom first learned about patriotism and the greatness of the country he would later fight to protect and defend—Tom’s time at home meant time with his Mammaw, whom he describes as a true Southern pistol who taught him all about faith and loyalty. When Tom wasn’t a co-passenger, he would work in and around his church or play catcher on his high school baseball team. A position that taught him to strategize and where he enjoyed calling all the pitches.

Tom became an early entrepreneur, starting his own pressure washing and painting company, which he would run through college. Always with his eye on service, Tom pursued a career as a firefighter and went to EMT school; during his EMT training, Tom caught the academic bug and worked towards an undergraduate degree. However, his patriotic heart was once again calling him to service, so he enlisted in the Navy Reserves. As Tom was about to head off to Law school, he received orders to deploy for a one-year tour to Iraq as an enlisted Intelligence Specialist attached to the U.S. Navy Seals. In Iraq, Tom would learn patience, sacrifice, and a genuine appreciation for time spent with family. Upon graduation from law school, Tom became an active-duty Navy JAG officer. After several tours as an active duty Navy JAG officer, Tom returned to reservist status and began working as a federal civilian attorney with the U.S. Air Force.

In addition to working as an Attorney at Zinzow Law, Tom is a JAG officer in the U.S. Navy Reserves. Tom brings his vast background, business acumen, traditional values, and patriotic heart to serving those building America. Tom will be the first to tell you that all his service and sacrifices are done with honor so he can better the lives of his beautiful wife and son.


J.D., 2013, Mercer University College of Law

Magna Cum Laude

B.A., 2008, Middle Georgia State University

Summa Cum Laude
Concentration: Public Service

Honors & Accolades

  • Iraq Campaign Medal
  • Navy-Marine Corps Commendation Medal (fourth award)t
  • Navy Achievement Medal
  • Expeditionary Warfare Qualification, U.S. Navy

Bar Admissions

State Courts:
North Carolina

Professional Affiliations

  • United States Navy Reserves
  • Lieutenant Commander