Zinzow Law

Jonathan Weese

Jonathan Weese is a paralegal for Zinzow Law. Jonathan was born in Morgantown, West Virginia. When he was nine, he moved to the Pittsburgh area, where he spent his informative years. Jonathan has always loved being active and playing sports. While in high school and college, he participated in cross country and track and field. Today, he enjoys running half-marathons, hiking, and playing soccer and tennis. Being an athlete has taught Jonathan the vital qualities of teamwork, drive, vision, and passion that life demands. He received a liberal arts education at Washington and Jefferson College, giving him a well-rounded knowledge base and a love for literature, culture, history, and the sciences. Deciding to major in Political Science, Jonathan was stirred by his collegiate studies to pursue the legal field to make a positive difference in the lives of others. The excitement in studying Constitutional law and sharing it with others inspires Jonathan in his role at Zinzow Law today.

Maria Taylor

Maria Taylor is the Controller for Zinzow Law.  Maria grew up in the heart of Miami to Cuban and Puerto Rican immigrant parents.  Her family background provided Maria with a unique perspective on the world, she had the opportunity to see first-hand that hard work, strong family values, and a positive attitude, can help one achieve their American dream.  Continuing the dream her parents had when arriving in the United States, Maria decided to pursue a career in the business sector.  Over the past 30 plus years Maria has worked in or owned various businesses, which has afforded her an unparalleled breadth of experience.  Some of the experiences she brings to Zinzow Law include law firm management, accounting, human resources, banking, and technology management.  Maria’s background and personality provide her with a unique and cohesive set of skills, a big heart, and bit of Latin flavor, all of which she brings to the Zinzow Law Team.

Sheawn Brown

Sheawn Brown is a Special Projects Consultant for Zinzow Law.  Sheawn grew up in the remote country side of Alaska; an area very few will ever venture to, and in a place that is beautiful yet formidable and where nature often dominates man.  Growing up in Alaska instilled in Sheawn a strong sense of individuality, coupled with an ability to think creatively and find unconventional solutions to opportunities.  Alaska also instilled in Sheawn a great appreciation for nature and conservation.  All of these values he applies not only in business, but as cornerstone of how Sheawn and his wife raised their three children.


Tara Zinzow

Tara L. Zinzow serves as Zinzow Law’s Chief Financial Officer.  Tara is one part executive, one part entrepreneur, two parts student of life, one part perspicacious, and three parts traditional country girl.  Well there is one thing that’s for sure: Tara has never been accused of being ordinary.  She has a unique mind that thinks and sees the world as she likes to put it, “so far outside the quadrilateral parallelogram that she can barely see its shadow.”  Tara has held professional roles in areas such an Executive Administrator, Education Director, Grant Writer, Business Owner, Project Manager, Consultant, Human Resource Manager, Conflict Mediator and Paralegal.  Combining her unique outlook on life, with her diverse professional background, Tara creates uncommon solutions in her role as CFO.  Tara was raised in the countryside of upstate New York with strong traditional values that focus on the importance of family, God and country.  Her father, a military veteran, imparted Patriotism; her mother, the importance of family.  She grew up surrounded by agriculture, where growing and preserving the food you consumed was a normal way of life.  She has an appreciation for the simpler things and follows a strong set of values and beliefs.  Her business acumen and multitude of experience makes her the perfect signal caller for our growth and advancement.

Kimberly Ross

Kimberly Ross is the Senior Paralegal for Zinzow Law.  Kim was born to German and Irish American Parents in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  She lived in Colorado and Maryland before her family settled in Northwest Tampa Bay where she currently lives with her immediate family and is surrounded by many members of her extended family.  Her most treasured times in life are the times spent on the family farm in Pennsylvania.  It’s here that she enjoys a bit of the simpler life, and where she was taught what it really means to live a self-sufficient lifestyle. It is on the family farm that Kim learned the value of hard work, family and loyalty.  It was also on the farm that she gained a special appreciation for the American Farmer, and the Patriots who came before her to build our great nation.  Her diverse background and values are at the heart of all she does, whether it is competing in partial marathons, volunteering to help our veterans and active duty soldiers, working on the farm, or working at Zinzow Law, Kim tackles every undertaking with enthusiasm, fortitude and compassion.

Langfred W. White

Steven ‘Rusty’ Nisbet

Steven ‘Rusty’ Nisbet is a Florida Bar Board Certified Construction Law Specialist and the Senior Trial Attorney and Litigator at Zinzow Law. Having tried well over 100 cases, Rusty knows his way around a courtroom.  Prior to joining Zinzow Law Rusty spent over 20 years as an Assistant U.S. Attorney in Tampa.  Having grown up as one of 5 children in a large New England family, it was in that Rhode Island Town where Rusty would begin to develop his identity and role in the world.  His family provided him with a strong moral foundation and a love for people.  These values were then re-emphasized through athletics.  Rusty learned about teamwork, accountability, trust, winning, losing, hard-work and so much more, and in a way that only competitive athletics can teach.  His summers were consumed with all things water, including: sailing, swimming and lifeguarding.  His winters were all about blazing a trail on skis down the powdery and the slightly icy snow that covers the New England Mountains.  His spring was all about competitive bike riding.  In the fall his time was divided between competitive football and lacrosse, having been awarded the distinguished rank of a U.S. High School All American Football Player.  Rusty went on to play college lacrosse and serve as a ski instructor.  He has skied all over the United States and in various spots around the world.  He has participated in several charitable bike rides across the state of Florida and has competed in Sprint Triathlons and Century Bike Rides.  While both an accomplished Attorney and athlete, if you ask Rusty what his proudest accomplishment is he will not hesitate and tell you it is his family.  Rusty has raised 5 successful children and all with the same level of love for humanity and family with which he was raised.  Just mentioning his family puts a smile on his face and sometimes a tear in his eye.

Justin Zinzow

Justin R. Zinzow is the CEO and Founding member of Zinzow Law.  Justin is a Florida Bar Board Certified Construction Law Specialist.  His background in the road construction, landscaping, and building trades provides the real world experience and insight that foster his role as counselor.  Justin is versed in construction, real estate and business transactional law and litigation; but he prides himself most on being a zealous counselor of not only the law, but of business and life.  Justin often operates as a General Counsel for his clients.  As General Counsel he couples his expert legal skills, training, and business background to provide the perfect partnership, helping his clients and friends grow their businesses.  When not in court you will find Justin on any given day wearing jeans, boots and a cowboy hat.  This is not just a wardrobe for Justin; it is the personification of the values he carries throughout his life and his businesses.  These values can be summed up in the Code of the West.