Zinzow Law

Tradition Redefined

Our Beginnings

Our story is anything but ordinary. Let me take you back a bit. Imagine a small country farm, a little red barn, cattle, horses, geese, ducks, chickens, dogs and four brothers running amongst fields of corn, pumpkins and Christmas trees. After tending to the farm Dad spent his days in town running a local small business and when he got home it was right back to farm responsibilities. It was honest-hard work to provide for his family and a better life for his children. Dinner was wholesome food, grown, raised, and hunted on their land. Good old fashioned meals made by Mom with recipes that span generations and imparted memories that lasted a lifetime. Each meal began with giving thanks for all the blessings bestowed upon them and asking for their simple prayers of good health and good weather to be answered. These meals were more than delicious food; they were where the conversations about business, politics, war, education, sports and all the happenings in their world took place. These meals would sculpt their future and provide some of life’s greatest lessons. Dinner ended and family time meant watching one of 3 channels on their one small t.v., playing a board game or shooting baskets outside. Suits were only worn to weddings and funerals—this was a jeans and boots family. Perhaps you’re thinking this is an ordinary American family living the American dream and perhaps you are right.

It is also the story of the foundation of one man, raised with strong Christian values and generations of lasting love. A man who through hard-work and sheer determination would own and work in several Construction businesses while attending business/finance school, then law school where he would work in an International Law firm for 7 years. It is his unique unordinary background, values, business and legal acumen that would lay the foundation for what is now Zinzow Law.

Who We Are

Zinzow Law prides itself on embodying its motto of “Tradition Redefined.” Tradition is the roots we maintain and the roots from which we grow. From the moment you meet with the Zinzow Law team you will observe something different — not only a different approach to the law but a different approach to human interaction; a different approach to courage; a different approach to solution delivery. It is only worthwhile practicing law in a firm that follows a code of ethics and values to which we would enthusiastically refer our parents, children and friends. We hold true to our motto: “Tradition Redefined” and live by the Code of the West emblazoned in our office as an aide-mémoire:

Live Each Day with Courage
Take Pride in Your Work
Always Finish What You Start
Do What Has to be Done
Be Tough, but Fair
When You Make a Promise, Keep It
Ride for the Brand
Talk Less and Say More
Remember that Some Things Aren’t for Sale
Know Where to Draw the Line