Zinzow Law

Bruce Dodge

Let me share with you an experience we had as we were developing a strategy to solve a legal problem that our company encountered while being represented by the attorneys at Zinzow Law. If this story had a title it would be Determination (Zinzow) trumps Stubbornness (me). Justin developed a strategy for us that I considered sheer folly. I was wrong and he was right. That should come as no big surprise in that when it comes to legal matters I don’t know the difference between a pea and a pumpkin.

This wasn’t a matter of winning or losing, however, by using their strategic thinking, school was out on impact. There was much negotiating left to be done, but from that point forward we held the high ground. In observing the opposition’s attorney, I couldn’t help but think that he was handicapped by the fear of the other shoe dropping. Remember the old saw about the worm turning? With the execution of the “Zinzow Strategy”, there was no doubt who would win the day. It was as if everything came to a screeching halt. Opposing council was a very capable lawyer but had one arm tied behind his back, I almost felt sorry for him, well almost.

We were and are very pleased with what the Zinzow team has done for our company. Day in, day out, we have for years received unbelievably professional and creative services from the attorneys at Zinzow. I have learned this much about the law. Creative accountants and get you into trouble, creative attorneys can keep you out of trouble.

Would we consider changing firms, you’ve got to be kidding. When you’ve got the best, why consider the rest?

Carolyn Wilson

I highly recommend the Zinzow Law firm. Their attorneys are extremely expeditious as well as courteous and responsive. They are always professional, but also personable. Their thorough knowledge and understanding of the law, effective research skills and thoughtful execution allowed our company to avoid litigation saving us precious time, energy and money. In doing so, they demonstrated that my best interests, in all areas, are their sole priority.