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Theodore “Teddy” Bilirakis

Theodore “Teddy” Bilirakis


Teddy was born into a Family whose last name carries the weight of true American Patriots, those serving and fighting for God, Country, and the American Dream. Teddy is a third-generation Pasco County Counselor of Law whose passions are not unlike those of his prestigious father and grandfather. Like his elders, Teddy’s deep love for his country and all those who work hard to protect and build it are second only to his Faith. He is proud of his Greek heritage and, like any good Greek man, will tell you everything comes from the Greeks. All kidding aside, the word “Democracy” stems from the Greek words “demos,” meaning “of the people,” and “kratos,” meaning “power” and “strength.” Teddy believes deeply in Democracy and puts kratos into his role as Counselor of Law. While he is proud of his Greek heritage, he is even prouder of his American Heritage. Teddy’s emphasis is on helping those in the Construction industry build, navigate, protect, and defend their American Dream. Teddy graduated number one in his Palm Harbor University High School class and earned his bachelor’s and law degrees at the University of Florida. When not working, you can find Teddy on the Golf course or watching America’s pastime and his favorite team, the Tampa Bay Rays play baseball.


J.D., 2020, University of Florida College of Law

B.S., 2017, University of Florida, Heavener School of Business

Concentration: Finance

Honors & Accolades

Valedictorian, Palm Harbor University High School

Bar Admissions

Florida Bar 2021

Community Involvement

Board Member, United Way of Pasco County