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Julie Colon

Julie Colon


Julie Colon is a paralegal at Zinzow Law. Julie’s roots go back to Michigan, where she was born and raised. During Julie’s childhood, her Father, a businessman, was called to teach the word of God as a traveling minister; as a result, Julie spent many years traveling towns throughout the heartland of America. Upon her Father’s retirement from the ministry, her family relocated to Florida, where Julie graduated High School and attended college.

Julie sacrificed many years of her life as a dedicated military spouse; as a result, she continued the trend of traveling that started in her youth; she moved throughout our great country and lived in and around military bases in the Eastern United States. After spending five years in Northern Virginia, where she worked as a paralegal, Julie relocated to Tampa Bay, where she previously resided as a young adult—Julie’s time traveling gifted her with the art of communication and the empathy to understand people deeply and meaningfully. Julie carries her foundation and life experiences in her role at Zinzow Law. She takes great pride and joy in helping clients dealing with complex legal situations develop a better comprehension of the law, and she does this with great understanding and benevolence.

If you ask Julie what her most prized possession is, she will not tell you an object. Instead, she will not hesitate to tell you about her two beautiful sons, sons she is raising with a solid foundation of morals, work ethic, and unwavering motherly love.


B.A., 2016, Paralegal Studies, St. Petersburg College


A.A., 2008, University of South Florida Concentration: Journalism