Zinzow Law

Real Estate

Our attorneys understand business because they are all business owners.

Since its founding, Zinzow Law has represented Florida’s land owners on a wide variety of property issues.


Whether you are buying or selling, whether it is a home, business, agricultural property, equine property or rental property, our attorneys have the experience to help you from negotiating listing agreements, drafting the purchase agreement, drafting deeds, easements, restrictive covenants, and helping close the deal.

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We Know the Rules, the Players and How to Get Things Done

If you are building, remodeling or making improvements, engaging legal assistance on the front end will save you time, money and headaches in the long run.  The lawyers of Zinzow Law, LLC have long practiced in Tampa Bay and throughout Florida.  They understand the local communities and witnessed the evolution of the codes and ordinances.  Firm members have been involved in politics and the community for many years and collectively have cultivated professional relationships with numerous government entities and state officials who make land use and zoning decisions.

In Florida, access to property is vital. Our attorneys provide services in negotiating and drafting easement agreements, including right-of-way access and utility easements.

Florida’s landscape, as well as its waterfront properties and constantly developing cityscapes are a hotbed for boundary and title disputes. If you find that your property rights are in dispute, our attorneys can work to find solutions to these difficult legal issues.

Frequently, lending is provided by someone other than a traditional bank. Our attorneys are skilled in drafting promissory notes and mortgages to secure interests in all forms of real estate and real property interests, or protect clients from over-reaching. We also represent clients in filing liens on property to protect clients’ rights.

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Many of our clients own and lease real property throughout Florida. Whether it is commercial or residential property, we can help you draft lease agreements, options and business plans to protect your rights and assets.

See also: Commercial & Business Law

We represent property owners, lien-holders, and secured lenders in foreclosure proceedings and in loan workouts to avoid foreclosure.

Our attorneys work with developers and homeowners to create covenants to govern the use and maintenance of the property.  We also have experience in litigation dealing with both the enforcement and defense of covenant provisions.

See also: Construction

Condominium developments are very common in Florida.  Our attorneys have experience working with developers and planners to create required condominium declarations and legal structure.  We also have experience representing developers and associations on turnover and defect issues.

Our attorneys can advise and assist you in the negotiation and granting of conservation easements to various land protection organizations and Trusts.

We also advise clients concerning:

  • Environmental permitting (such as storm water drainage, wetland permitting, costal control line permitting.)
  • Financial matters (such as sales taxes on building materials, commercial financing, insurance, etc.)
  • Labor Law and all facets of labor issues