Zinzow Law

NOT the New Normal


Near daily we, and we expect many of you, hear the newest turn of phrase about the virus: “This is the new normal we must all settle into.” Team Z feels differently. This is the new normal only if we allow others to re-define normal. The dictionaries gathering dust on the shelves of many around the globe tell us that normal is the absence of abnormality. It is the presence of order, symmetry, and naturality. They also tell us that psychologically, normal is the average human condition and emotion.

Unchecked emotion, an unusual virus, and temporary suspension of certain liberties is not normal. Indeed, it is the perfect definition of abnormal. So why would we settle into it re-defining normal? We would not and should not.

In America, past and present, the real normal is personal sacrifice for our brothers and sisters. The real normal is not succumbing to abnormality. The real normal is rejoicing in the great American spirit, not wallowing in the periodic lows of the beautiful journey of life. Everyone has the power within to reject the premise of “new normal,” and indeed must, to preserve the American way of life.


Justin Zinzow
on behalf of Team Z
Zinzow Law