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Strengthening Construction Businesses throughout Florida

Zinzow Law understands the construction and real estate industries. Our attorneys are experienced advisors in all phases, and aspects of the construction industry, including construction law, business, labor, insurance, lending. We assist in the preliminary stages with regulatory compliance and contract negotiation. During construction, we interpret contractual provisions and resolve conflicts. For completed projects, we resolve payment and contract disputes, and address issues with liens, bonds, and construction defects. We have represented clients in a variety of forums. Understanding both the law and business we work to provide practical advice and seek expedient solutions. We help build solutions to the problems affecting your commercial, industrial or public development projects.

Assertively negotiating construction contracts

Whether it is in the negotiation of the deal or interpretation of obligations and rights, the contract is central to resolving construction law problems. By retaining an experienced attorney to negotiate your construction contracts, you can often prevent or reduce unnecessary risk, save time and money, and feel confident you have made the most beneficial deal. We draft contracts for a wide variety of clients, including, property owners, contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers. While we draft contracts to meet your specific needs, we are also familiar with standard forms and provisions used in the construction industry, including AIA documents, and can advise how Florida law plays a role.

Aggressive resolution to construction disputes

A breached contract can cause havoc on a project, profitability, and reputation. When it is in the best interest to solve a construction dispute outside the courtroom, our skilled attorneys can guide negotiations towards win-win solutions, often preserving business relationships and avoiding expenses and uncertainty associated with litigation. If litigation is necessary, our attorneys ardently attack the issues in trial.

Arbitration is also common in construction law. We have experience presenting our clients’ cases effectively to the arbitrators, and assisting our clients with enforcing arbitration awards.

Reducing your risk of non-payment

Construction liens, often called mechanics’ liens, can be an effective tool in protecting the rights of a contractor, subcontractor, or supplier. Our lawyers know how to protect client rights under Florida’s lien laws. Because of strict time frames in Florida statutes, it is best to seek legal advice as soon as possible.

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Suppliers have many of the same rights as contractors and deserve the relief that they are entitled to. We help suppliers receive the compensation they deserve.

Construction defects and warranty issues are often a source of dispute. Our Florida lawyers have represented project owners to obtain redress for defects and to enforce warranties as well as contractors and subcontractors in defending claims.

From acquisition of the real property through obtaining the necessary government approval and permits, to selecting and contracting with a general contractor, we help get projects off the paper and on the ground.

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Errors and omissions in plans or specification, can severely affect the progress of your project. By applying our extensive construction experience, our attorneys approach these problems from a unique perspective. We speak the language and view claims from both legal and technical angles. We assertively protect the interests of property owners, contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers.

Insurance can be a valuable tool if proper coverage is procured, and worthless paper if it is not. Our attorneys have extensive knowledge about coverage available, the differences between policy forms, and how to integrate insurance into a construction contract and project. Insurance companies can also wrongfully deny claims or mishandle them. If an insurance company has denied or disclaimed your coverage, our attorneys can help you get the protection, and coverage you need to move forward.

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Our lawyers have experience helping both public and private project owners establish effective procedures as well as helping ensure contractors submit conforming bids. Our lawyers also know the ins and outs of bond procurement, as well as making and defending claims against them.

We also advise clients concerning:

  • Licensing and Discipline
  • Workplace safety (OSHA compliance)
  • Labor requirements and documentation
  • Financial Matters (such as sales taxes on building materials, commercial financing, insurance, etc.)

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